Bike Trail Mansfield bridgeThe Spherion Mid Ohio 13ER is a half marathon and 5k Fun Run through Richland County. The Spherion Mid Ohio 13ER brings light to organizations that are actively involved in drug prevention locally and starts conversations for drug prevention in our communities. Developed and organized by The Drug Prevention Coalition, the purpose of the half marathon is to gather the community in prevention and support with a mission to give back to the

We know there is a drug problem in our nation, our state and our communities. We are not looking for one simple answer to the drug problem, but a movement.

Empty bridge on bike trailBy gathering as a community to run for unity, community organizations can benefit from The Drug Prevention Coalition Grant in a race for prevention.

Our local organizations have great ideas and programs already in place. The Drug Prevention Coalition Grant is an avenue of funds to continue to grow, sustain and create programs that actively support drug prevention locally.

The 2018 Spherion 13ER course.